How do we advocate to create a more just society?  From the basics of advocacy to policy deep dives these resources have you covered.  
Climate change is happening, and it is already affecting people worldwide, such as Kenyan farmers who are grappling with changing weather patterns, and the Inuit people in Canada’s north whose trad
Trafficked and sexually exploited people are made in the image of God. Human trafficking can happen blocks from your church and in affluent areas, as multiple cases in Canada have shown us.
Indigenous people are imagebearers of God. The unique gifts that Creator God has given to Indigenous peoples have not always been recognized and celebrated. We commit to reconciliation.
God’s heart for marginalized people and the call for God’s people to act justly towards “the widow, the orphan, and the stranger”, towards their workers, towards people of from other cultural backgrounds than themselves, towards those who have been wronged, is apparent throughout the arc of the biblical story. One way to lean into this call as a church is to mark Justice and Hope Sunday with your church on February 18, 2018 and take an offering to support the work of the Centre for Public Dialogue. Find resources and ideas here.
Refugees are God’s image-bearers. They are students, bankers, teachers, farmers, businesspeople, lawyers, stay-at-home parents—but their lives have been upended by persecution, war, or violence.
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