Endorsed Coaches

Worship Ministries would like to introduce the following Endorsed Worship Coaches. These experienced leaders, each with their specific area of expertise, are eager to serve churches and worship leaders throughout the US and Canada. 

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Elly Boersma
Elly serves as the Pastor of Worship at Covenant CRC in St. Catharines, ON. She holds an MA in Worship from Calvin Theological Seminary, which not only helped in equipping her as a worship leader, but also taught her a lot about how to relate to pastors. Elly is passionate about engaging the church in congregational song, incorporating all ages in worship leadership, and gaining a deeper understanding of the role worship plays in shaping us and sending us out.

Meet Elly Boersma

Areas of Expertise/Experience:

  • Leading worship with and for all generations
  • Blending styles/traditions of liturgy and music
  • Working with pastors
  • Worship Planning

Contact Information: music@covenant-church.ca

Anthony Bolkema
Anthony serves as the Pastor of Worship & Ministry at First Reformed Church in South Holland, IL – a role he’s held for the past ten years. Anthony has been in volunteer and vocational worship ministry for the past seventeen years, and has served in a variety of diverse contexts including college ministry, a teenage church plant, large and small youth ministries, and, currently, a 172 year-old established church in a racially-diverse community in south Chicagoland. Anthony’s heart as a worship pastor is to plan and lead liturgies that are biblically-based, spiritually formative, missionally-oriented, and appropriately contextualized – a focus that is rooted in thirteen years of experience as a worship pastor and five years of graduate study. Anthony holds both a Masters of Worship Studies degree and Doctor of Worship Studies degree from The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies in Jacksonville, FL.  

Meet Anthony Bolkema

Areas of Expertise/Experience: 

  • The Content, Structure, and Style of Worship: How can properly identifying and prioritizing these three aspects of worship help us navigate conversations about worship, whether they happen at the coffee counter or in the council room?
  • Worship Administration: What sort of mid-week communication practices and processes help us make the most of our church’s God-given gifts on Sunday morning?
  • Planning and Leading Worship (and Worship Teams) in Diverse Contexts: How can we structure our planning and implementation teams in order that our weekly worship accurately reflects the unique worship voice of our congregation?
  • Missional Worship:  How can we shape our weekly worship liturgies so they reorient us and remind us that mission is the natural orientation of the worshiping church?
  • The Contemporary Church and the Christian Year: How can the contemporary church recover an observance of the Christian year, so that it(rather than the secular calendar) gives structure and substance to our lives?
  • Worship Rubrics: How can worship leaders prepare so that the rubrics and transitions in a worship service are meaningful additions to the flow of worship, rather than pesky distractions?
  • Convergent Worship: How can we think about our worship tradition and our worship future in a way that allows us to be both historically-rooted and culturally relevant at the same time?

Contact Information:  anthonybolkema@gmail.com

Joan DeVries
Joan is Assistant Professor of Worship Arts at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. She spent years as a lay worship leader before attending Calvin Seminary and becoming an ordained pastor. She then served as lead or transitional pastor in 4 CRC congregations in Ontario, working with different worship committees, worship coordinators, and planning teams in each place. This means Joan has experience planning and leading worship collaboratively from both a lay and ordained vantage point. More recently she was the Dean of Students/Chapel at Tyndale University College and Seminary where she coordinated the weekly chapel programs. In 2016 Joan completed her PhD in the area of Practical Theology, and she moved from Toronto to BC to take up her current post in 2018. Joan has a keen interest in how a community's worship practices are formative in the lives of its people and desires to help congregations be intentional in their worship design.

Areas of Expertise/Experience:

  • Planning and leading worship
  • Formative community worship practices
  • Intentional worship design

Contact Information: joandevries50@gmail.com

Tom Dykstra
Tom has been planning and leading worship for 18 years. He has served as Worship and Youth Pastor at Olympia Christian Reformed Church in Olympia, Washington, for 12 years, where he led a diverse, intergenerational church toward unified, blended worship. His passion is to help churches and leaders discover how their worship leadership can help people reorient their lives to the hope of the Gospel. If you’re ready to take steps toward enriching the worship at your church, Tom would love to help you navigate that journey and identify creative solutions to the unique challenges you face in your church family.

Meet Tom Dykstra

Areas of Expertise/Experience:

  • Faith Formation in Worship
  • Gospel-Shaped Worship
  • Developing Relevant, Life-Giving Liturgy
  • Creating a Culture of Participatory Worship
  • Guiding Your Congregation Through Change
  • Intergenerational Worship: Reframing Traditions and Modern Blend
  • Music and Effective Band Leadership
  • Worship Leader Development Coaching
  • Worship Leader Soul-Care
  • Communication, Clarity and Sound System Challenges

Contact Information: tomdykstra@gmail.com

Joy Engelsman
As a preacher, pianist, event planner, and theologian, Joy explores worship from varied and unique angles. One Elder said of her worship-leading, "Joy breathes life into worship." Joy is an ordained minister in the CRCNA, has blogged and written articles on worship and brings more than 35 years of experience and training to the role of Worship Coach including working with congregations of mixed cultures, ages, and faith expressions. She lives in Denver with her husband and teenage daughters.

Meet Joy Engelsman

Areas of expertise and experience:

  • Blending traditions/styles of liturgy and music. Using the concept of "spider webbing," Joy helps churches find the connections and meanings in new and diverse practices.
  •  "Ligaments:"  the value and practice of connecting elements of worship.
  • Worship as Dialogue.  Embracing historic liturgical forms as opportunities for breathing life into worship.
  • Brainstorming. Using methods developed by Disney Imagineers, Joy helps worship planners unearth the best ideas embedded in their hearts and minds.
  • One - on - one or small group coaching:
  • Preaching Coaching.  20 years of experience with Dynamic Communicators, Inc. and guest professor of preaching at Denver Seminary.
  • Piano improvisation to enhance congregational song.      
  • Coaching worship leaders in public communication and in leading teams.

Contact Information: joy.engelsman@gmail.com; phone: 303-588-8727

Marja Fledderus
Over the past 13 years as Worship Coordinator at Meadowlands Fellowship CRC in Ancaster, Marja has worked with many pastors and hundreds of volunteers. She has developed a worship culture of trust, openness, responsiveness, and creativity. Working with the Faith Formation team of the CRCNA, Marja has also participated in worship cohorts and developed rich faith formation practices. Marja has attended many conferences, both as a participant and workshop leader, teaching on Intergenerational Worship Teams, Collaborative Art Projects, and Designing Worship. Marja has completed a course in Transformational Coaching and would love to walk alongside and navigate the journey with you! Marja is particularly interested in creative approaches and solution-oriented practices that both stretch and embrace the culture of local congregations. Marja lives in Mount Hope, Ontario with her husband, some nice kids, a dog, and a bunch of fish.

Areas of Expertise/Experience

  • developing leaders of all ages
  • integrating all ages and skill levels into cohesive teams
  • worship leadership
  • collaborative art and worship projects for the whole community
  • sourcing and integrating alternative, global, traditional, and contemporary music
  • writing and sourcing scripture-rich liturgy
  • roposing projects or large expenses

Contact Information: marjafledderus@gmail.com

James Lee
James Lee was raised in a Christian household in Temple City, CA. As a Calvin College (now Calvin University) student, James had opportunities to serve on the Barnabas Team, Chapel Teams, as well as a Worship Apprentice.  Upon graduation, he began his seminary studies at Calvin Theological Seminary through the Distance Learning Program. During his seminary studies, he had the privilege to serve as a Youth Minister and an Associate Pastor concurrently. It was during his seminary studies that he married Jin Young and they lived together in Grand Rapids, MI, where their son was born in 2017.  After receiving his Masters in Divinity from CTS in May 2018, James and his family moved to New York to fulfill a summer ministry assignment at Christ Community Church of East Islip. Amidst the eventful summer ministry opportunity, James received the call to become the next senior pastor of Christ Community Church—Praise be to God!

Meet James Lee

Areas of Expertise/Experience

  • Multicultural worship: how to bridge various cultures to come together in worship from an ethnic-minority point of view
  • Blended worship: how to bring contemporary worship and classic worship together as one worship service liturgically.
  • Intergeneration worship: how to bridge generations in worship from a millennial's point of view
  • Context: how to be sensitive in regards to the context of worship space, worship team, worship congregation, etc.

Contact Information: revjlee@cccei.org; phone: 631-581-8188

Katrina Olson
Katrina Olson is currently a PhD candidate in Homiletics and Liturgics at Vanderbilt University. She holds an MDiv and a ThM in Worship, both degrees from Calvin Theological Seminary, as well as a BMusic from the University of Western Ontario. She has worked as a full-time worship coordinator from 2006-2015, currently preaches in Nashville area churches, and is continually invested in the worship life of the church she calls home. Kat is passionate about equipping leaders with the tools they need to create a multi-vocal worship experience: worship that honors God’s triune voice in both mighty earthquakes and gentle whispers, worship that lifts up the voices of the people in recognition of the priesthood of all believers, and worship that, like Christ, seeks out the voices of those who are typically, hidden, ignored, lost, or marginalized. You can visit her website at katolson.com.

Areas of Expertise/Experience

  • Creating vision for worship: setting new directions; working through issues; addressing tough topics
  • Incorporating the Fine Arts into worship (drama, dance, visual aesthetics)
  • Seasonal and thematic planning
  • Moving beyond the dichotomy of “contemporary” and “traditional” to new emerging ways of doing worship together.
  • Homiletic coaching/peer coaching groups
  • Intergenerational, egalitarian, and multi-vocal worship
  • Tangible Prayer Services (stations incorporated into and outside the worship hour)
  • Worship and Preaching self-evaluation: discerning strengths and growing edges

Contact Information: katolson5318@gmail.com

Adam Perez
Adam Perez is doctoral student in worship at Duke Divinity School and a graduate of Trinity Christian College (B.A. music education), and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music (M.A. religion and the arts). Both a scholar and practitioner, Adam holds together his worship leadership experience and a critical academic lens in a deep commitment to worship that is formative and expressive, reflective and engaging, symbolic and practical.

Areas of expertise and experience:

  • Up front leadership: coaching all worship leaders, readers, preachers, and musicians to use their bodies and voices more incarnationally.
  • Spoken worship leadership: what to say and what not to say in using 'in-between' words
  • Reframing worship planning: telling the Big Story with little stories every in service.
  • Going beyond 'fill in the blank' worship planning: engaging with worship planning materials like the Worship Sourcebook
  • Choosing/leading congregational song
  • Reflecting theologically and historically about contemporary worship practices: where have we come from and where we are going.
  • Taking stock: self-assessing congregational worship in historical and theological perspective

Contact Information: adam.adrian.perez@gmail.com

Katie Ritsema Roelofs
Katie Ritsema-Roelofs currently serves as the Minister of Music and Worship at the Washington DC Christian Reformed Church and also as the Worship Coordinator at the Silver Spring Christian Reformed Church. She holds an undergraduate degree in Music and Worship from Calvin College (now Calvin University) and has completed several years of seminary study at Reformed Theological Seminary in DC. Katie is passionate about worship planning/leading that is Biblically and theologically sound, thematic to the text, and gets to the heart of the intersection of faith and calling. She has experience in a wide range of musical styles from modern contemporary to classic hymnody, also including choral repertoire. Katie believes that our weekly worship should be the corporate work of God's people, the pastoral work of caring for one another and the communal work of lifting up our many voices in praise to our one God.

Meet Katie Roelofs

Areas of Expertise/Experience:

  • Worship planning
  • Blending traditions/styles of liturgy and music
  • Worship leading
  • The Sacraments

Contact Information: katie.roelofs@gmail.com

Greg Scheer
Greg Scheer (www.gregscheer.com) is a composer, author, speaker, and a music associate at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. His writings include The Art of Worship: A Musician’s Guide to Leading Modern Worship (Baker Books, 2006), Essential Worship: A Handbook for Leaders (Baker Books, 2016) and contributions to The Hymn, Worship Leader, and New Songs of Celebration Render (ed C. Michael Hawn, GIA 2013). His work has been translated into eleven languages.

Meet Greg Scheer

Areas of Expertise and Experience:

  • Using the Psalms in worship
  • Music of the global church - teaching and using in worship
  • Worship leading
  • Working with worship teams/musicians/instruments
  • Composing - writing music for worship

Contact Information: Greg@gregscheer.com

Ruth Ann Schuringa
Ruth Ann Schuringa graduated from Redeemer University College in 1989 with a BA in Music, piano major She went on to Calvin College (now Calvin University) to study worship and music [conducting, organ, voice] and has attended more worship conferences than she can count. Involved with worship planning and worship leading for over 20 years, Ruth Ann has been the part-time Worship Director at Immanuel CRC since 2003, where she continues to work with her husband Erick, the lead Pastor at Immanuel. In the fall of 2015 she began also working as the part-time Worship Ministry Team Leader at CrossPoint CRC. Ruth Ann has led many workshops & seminars over the years in all sorts of worship-related topics: her most rewarding being in worship planning, worship leading, and making music with worship teams. Ruth Ann lives in Brampton, ON. 

Meet Ruth Ann Schuringa

Areas of Expertise/Experience:

  • Worship Planning: The weekly grind? No, the beauty of planning the details of the flow and tone and content of a worship service for your people, in your context, in this series, in this week.  Remembering to be both pastoral and challenging.
  • Blending Traditions: I don’t believe in “worship wars” anymore, and I encourage churches to be aware of their own defaults and biases when it comes to worship styles: it’s not about you. “Do not think of yourselves more highly than you ought... but think of others as better than yourselves” There is no “magic” formulaic blend; by trial and error you will find the exact right mix for the folks God has placed you with.
  •  Worship Leading: Point to God and his grace, remind folks of why they are there in worship, engage the congregation with honesty, humour, and humility, weaving together the elements of worship into a seamless whole.
  •  Working with Worship Teams: Our role is dual: being musicians, and being worship leaders. We want to be the best musicians we can, working on our skills and team-playing; but also knowing that everything we do is to enable the congregation to sing well and to meet God through praise, prayer, lament, and sacraments. Playing together as a “band” requires us to sometimes not play when planning dynamic music; sharing the space of a song requires humility and being a servant to our task as worship leaders.

Contact Information: ras_12@rogers.com

Rod Snaterse
Rod is a career educator and practical theologian living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His passions lie at the intersection of faith formation, Biblical worship, and Christian mission. In addition to his 20+ years as a Christian school teacher and church worship leader/musician/pastor, Rod serves as a sessional instructor at The King’s University, a consultant and curriculum writer for Christian schools, and is an affiliate faculty member at Taylor Seminary serving as Professor of Christian Worship. Rod holds a Bachelor of Education, a Master and Doctor of Worship Studies, and a Master of Education with a specialization in adult and community education. As a lifelong student of worship renewal, Rod loves to explore pastorally sensitive and theologically imaginative ways of designing communal worship that are faith-forming, love-shaping, and kingdom-building. 

Areas of Expertise and Experience:

  • The Story, Shape and Style of Biblical Worship
  • Worship & Missional Identity
  • Intergenerational Worship & Faith Formation
  • Participatory Communal Worship Practices
  • Worship Planning: Designing Liturgy That Does God’s Story
  • Serving as a Pastoral Musician (Song Selection & Spiritual Diet)
  • Worship Words: Communicating Purposefully as a Worship Leader
  • Leading a Band/Rehearsing/Musical Dynamics
  • Dynamic Ways of Incorporating Scripture and Prayer in Worship

Contact info: rodsnaterse@gmail.com

Sandra Van Opstal
Sandra Van Opstal is the Executive Pastor at Grace and Peace Community, a CRC church on the west-side of Chicago. Previously, Sandra served through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in multiple capacities including as Director of Worship for the Urbana Missions Conference, Chicago Urban Program Director, Latino National Leadership Team (LaFe), and Northwestern University Team leader (Multiethnic fellowship). In addition to her ministry experience, Sandra holds a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She has authored Small Group Leader’s Handbook, God’s Graffiti Devotional, The Mission of Worship, The Next Worship and most recently was a contributor to Still Evangelical? Insiders Reconsider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning.

Areas of Expertise and Experience:

  • Difference makes a Difference: Developing diverse teams
  • Just Worship: Mobilizing for Justice through Worship
  • Reconciliation: Re-imagining worship that embodies solidarity, hospitality and mutuality
  • Intergenerational Worship: Everyone Contributes
  • Reformacostal: Reformed worship can be Spirit-Filled and Expressive
  • Contextual Preaching: Understanding location, culture and God’s word.

Contact Information: sandrita.vanopstal@gmail.com

Chris Walker
Chris currently serves as Pastor of Worship and Arts at Covenant Life Church in Grand Haven, MI, his church home since 2010.  He has worked in varying forms of worship ministry since 1997, previously serving as Director of Music at Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids.  He has studied at Cornerstone University (B. Mus) and Western Theological Seminary (M. Div), and was ordained as a Minister of the Word in the CRC in 2018.  Although Chris has found a home in the CRC, he’s a denominational and liturgical mutt, grateful for multiple worship contexts that have shaped him in his journey.  He’s passionate about how worship shapes us, the intersection of liturgical forms and contemporary expressions, and clarifying the Gospel in the way we sing, speak, pray, and preach.

Meet Chris Walker

Areas of Expertise/Experience:

  •  Formational Worship: Merging historical liturgical forms with modern worship expressions; narrative worship planning; theology of worship
  •  Worship Planning: Leveraging creativity and all the arts in worship planning; intergenerational worship; interactive worship
  •  Pastoral Worship: Preaching as worship; worship leading as pastoring; the sacraments’ influence for the whole liturgy
  •  Worship Leading: thinking inclusively and leading hospitably; spoken leadership in worship; reading scripture dynamically
  •  Contemporary Worship Music: Leading contemporary worship bands; navigating the diverse streams of contemporary worship styles; the new life of hymns
  •  Visual Arts: engaging visual artists in your church; different approaches to using screens / digital media in worship

Contact Information: cwalker@ghclc.org

Our hope is to continue to expand this list. Know of someone with the gifts and experience to be an endorsed coach? Send us their name or have them email worship@crcna.org to begin the application process.