Your gift will work to equip worship planners and leaders across the denomination impacting thousands of worshipers.

We ask our worship leaders to plan services where the Holy Spirit works, through our union with Christ, to bring us into the presence of our Holy God. We want our worship to be contextual, theologically Reformed, and biblically based, using multiple people, various resources, instruments, movement, and visual arts. We desire worship that connects the young and the old with God. Worship that takes into consideration the needs of those with varying abilities, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, both the inquiring and the life-long Christian.

All this we ask from worship leaders and planners with limited time and limited resources.

Worship Ministries desires to stand in the gap by connecting worship leaders so that they can support each other and share resources and by equipping them by providing avenues to share best practices, resources, and training.

Help us close the gap by giving a gift to Worship Ministries to fund networking and equipping opportunities.



To donate by mail, please make check payable to Worship Ministries.

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