The Belhar Confession is a gift from the church to the church. By highlighting God’s call to unity, justice, and reconciliation, the Belhar reminds us that when we profess our faith in Christ, we do so as part of the global church. And belonging to the global church comes with responsibilities, each part being accountable to the others.


The Belhar Confession


For Worship

Unity, Justice, and Reconciliation

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship — Belhar Worship Service Collection

Reformed Worship — Unity, Reconciliation, Justice: A Series on the Belhar Confession

Reformed Worship — Hungering for Righteousness: A Six-Week Series on Food and Hunger

Canadian Aboriginal Ministries Committee — Litany for Aboriginal Ministry

Reformed Church in America — The Belhar Confession: Singing, Praying, and Preaching

Lift Up Your Hearts — Affirmation: The Unity of the Body

Reformed Worship (March 2016) — Reconciliation and Pentecost: A Worship Series

For Children

Illuminating the Forgotten Parts of the Church: A Sunday school lesson on the Belhar Confession

For Youth

Experiencing Prejudice in our Midst: A youth study lesson on the Belhar Confession

For Adults

Concrete Spirituality by Johannes N.J. Kritzinger (After exploring the message of Article 4 of Belhar, the article analyzes eight liturgical features of Melodi ya Tshwane, an inner-city congregation of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA), showing how beauty and justice interact in those acts of worship.)

From the Heart of God: A Study of the Belhar Confession (5 sessions, with 4 accompanying videos of personal perspectives, available to view online, about 3 minutes each)

From the Heart of God: 28 Devotional Readings on the Belhar Confession (reflections written by Pastor Reginald Smith, Pastor Marvin J. Hofman, and Kathy Vandergrift)

Unity, Reconciliation, and Justice: A Study Guide to the Belhar Confession (RCA, 2006)

By Word and Spirit: A 25-day devotional guide on the scriptural foundations of the Belhar Confession (RCA, 2009)

A Summary of the Historical Context of the Belhar Confession (PCUSA)

The Presbyterian Outlook — Neither Calendar Nor Clock: Perspectives on the Belhar Confession by Piet Naude

Note: As instructed by Synod 2017, footnotes have been added to provide clarity around key aspects of the Belhar Confession.

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