Sustaining Pastoral Excellence

Sustaining Pastoral Excellence began in 2003 to support and strengthen Christian Reformed pastors—so they can help build vital congregations. God blessed that project in many ways. Now we’re building on those blessings to reach even more pastors. 


CRC pastors can engage in a free assessment to determine their wellbeing.
Peer Learning (PL) Group Grants offer pastors an opportunity to gather for learning, support, prayer, encouragement, and fellowship.
The Pastors' Spiritual Vitality toolkit is a new way to help nurture your life with God.
The role of a pastor’s spouse can be both rewarding and challenging. Spouses deal with challenges other congregation members don’t have.
We share the following resources in the hope that they may contain ideas for those interested in forming peer learning groups or in sponsoring continuing education events for pastors.
Our office is here to help ministry leaders and pastors learn about, and take, vocational ministry assessments.
For more information you may contact us by phone, email or postal mail.