Denominational Surveys

Historically, a denominational survey was conducted every five years. In 2017, that changed to a more continuous process in which one-fifth of churches are invited to participate each year. Learn more at

Past survey results:

Ministers' Compensation Survey (updated annually)

The annual Ministers’ Compensation Survey obtains information regarding the compensation practices generally followed by churches in Canada and the United States for pastors working full-time in the parish ministry. The survey report is shared broadly with the churches and classes in the hope that it will be useful to church councils and others as reference material when matters involving compensation and benefits for ordained ministers are considered.

2019 Ministers' Compensation Survey (now part of the Church Administration and Finance Guide)
2018 Ministers' Compensation Survey
2017 Ministers' Compensation Survey

CRC Ministers Database (updated continually)

The Christian Reformed Church Ministers Database contains information about all past and current CRC ministers. This searchable, online database is a free service provided by Calvin University's Hekman Library. To report additions or changes, e-mail Calvin University archives.