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The staff of Pastor Church Resources is available for consultation in times of transition or crisis by way of telephone, email and on-site visits. Occasionally, we make use of resource persons beyond our staff. To begin your exploration of consultation resources please contact Rev. Sean Baker at or Rev. Dave Den Haan at


Specialized Transitional Ministers* are experienced pastors trained to help congregations deal with challenging times of transition. These pastors provide strategic assistance when churches need help with both regular pastoral duties and the processing of key systemic dynamics in preparation for calling a new pastor. Pastor Church Resources supports this work through endorsing qualified STMs, assisting with placement, providing continuing education and by strengthening the protocols around the contracting process between a congregation and an STM.

Additionally, congregations who are financially challenged but who desire the services of an STM are invited to apply for financial assistance from PCR. Although modest in amount, these grants can help a congregation obtain this vital ministry at a crucial time in their history.

To begin your search for a Specialized Transitional Minister please contact Rev. Dave Den Haan at or Rev. Sean Baker at

*Note: The name “specialized transitional minister” has been introduced to identify those who are trained and endorsed for this work. The generic use of the term “interim minister” has contributed to a situation in which congregations are not always aware of the level of training or expertise that a minister does or does not bring to the transitional situation facing a congregation.


More Than a Search Committee is designed for use by search committees, councils, and pastors. Hard copies are available through Faith Alive. The tool identifies helpful protocols, healthy etiquette, and significant resources.

Create a church profile.

A video the church's leadership can use to inform the congregation about their time of transition can be viewed here.

If you are considering calling a candidate, please refer to the article "Thinking About Calling a Candidate." The following two forms will be used during the calling and installation of a new pastor:

  • Letter of Call - US (pdf) (Word)
  • Letter of Call - Canada (pdf) (Word)
  • Ecclesiastical Credential for a Minister (pdf) (Word)
  • Transfer of Supervision for a Retired Minister (pdf) (Word)

Finding a Pastor

PastorSearch is a process that churches can use to find a pastor. Components include:

  • Availability of minister profiles to Pastor Search Committees
  • A place on the CRCNA website, called Church Positions where churches can post their open positions, as well as the church profile, job descriptions, etc.  This is a place where pastors can see which churches are looking for a new pastor.

To begin your search for a pastor you are invited to email for more information and guidance by staff of Pastor Church Resources.

 For more information see this article


Synod 2009 approved guidelines for maintaining a healthy relationship between a congregation and former pastor. These guidelines are especially important in situations where the former pastor becomes a "regular" member in that same congregation upon either retirement or taking up a ministry role outside of the congregation. See Agenda Synod 2009, pp.45-52 for the context of these guidelines as a response to an overture from Classis Grand Rapids East in 2008. Click here for a copy of these guidelines. Click here for a copy of an article which demonstrates that guidelines do not tell the whole story, or even the only story.