Understand the present. See the way forward. Together. 

What if you could get a clear look at what is really happening in your church?

And what if you could use that information to develop a plan for the future—a plan that would give every member of your congregation a sense of ownership?

Aided by a Healthy Church Discernment Process coach the Healthy Church Discernment Process (HCDP) will give you an unclouded perspective of where your church is today and then help you move toward a brighter future in unity.

From start to finish, the process is covered in prayer, with the expectation that God’s guidance will be evident at every step along the way.

HCDP will energize your congregation by involving them in a dynamic conversation about the future of your church...and how you can get there together.

A Perspective on the Present that Reflects Reality

An integral piece of the Health Church Discernment Process is the unique survey that we’ve developed called the Healthy Church Comprehensive Survey. This survey provides an accurate reflection of what’s happening in your church through its focus on two distinct but related areas—members’ perceptions of the church’s life and their own faith practices.

  • What do people actually think about the different aspects of our church? That’s perception.
  • What are people actually doing in their personal spiritual life? That’s practice.

The survey moves you beyond the need to navigate the competing perceptions of individual members so that you can talk about the reality and trends within your specific community.

The executive version of that survey is available here and is a good indication of the kinds of questions asked in the comprehensive survey.

A Conversation about the Future that Produces Ownership

What do you do with the results of the survey? With the help of your HCDP coach you’ll continue through the process by engaging in a series of leadership and congregational conversations to share the results and facilitate discussion.

Most church health surveys ignore this crucial piece. HCDP is designed to continue the conversation with the congregation all the way through evaluation of the results and development of a plan to move forward.

By including the congregation in the development of a plan for greater church health everyone feels personal ownership in the plan, creating an environment where real change can begin.

A Plan that Generates Momentum and Hope

The leadership pathway that is built into HCDP delivers a clear Church Health Plan that is actionable and practical. Imagine the momentum that will be generated in your church with a clear vision built on an accurate understanding of current reality and a widely owned plan for the future. You move forward together...toward becoming the church God is calling you to be.

A Pathway that Demands Humility

The HCDP calls for deep humility from church leaders. It calls for leaders who are willing to place their church, their plans, their hopes and dreams in God’s hands. It asks leaders to trust that God will use the Healthy Church process to shape and direct His church.

With a distinctly Reformed foundation and with the help of an HCDP coach your church can move forward along a pathway toward greater health and effectiveness.