Stay in the Loop

‘For Pastors’ Email

Sent every Thursday (to the address in your Minister Portal profile).

Pastors on The Network

Ask a question, start a discussion, or post a reflection.


Financial Shalom

A project to alleviate some key financial challenges pastors face.

Flourishing in Ministry Survey

A study of CRCNA pastors’ wellbeing, by the University of Notre Dame.

Peer Learning Groups

Pastors gathering for learning, care and support.


List of sabbatical opportunities, sample policies, and more.

Spiritual Vitality Toolkit

Helping nurture your life with God.

Spouse Support

Spouses of pastors gathering for care and support.

Vocational Assessment

Finding the right fit for your skills and passions.


Continuing Education 

Preparing for ministry is never a one-time event.


Connect with Calvin Seminary’s Center for Excellence in Preaching.

Classis Support

Regional Pastors

Serving as the pastor’s pastor.

Other Classis Roles

Including church visitors, classis counselors, and more.

Classis Forms

Including letter of call, transfer of supervision, and more.

More Classis Resources

Connect with the classis renewal coordinator and more.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation Survey

Updated annually with breakdowns by classis, size of church, and experience.

Consolidated Group Insurance (CGI)

Offering Canadian church staff health insurance and more.

Reformed Benefits Association (RBA)

Offering US church staff health insurance and more.


Defined benefit plan and long-term disability coverage for ministers of the Word.


Your Public Listing

See your listing in the online directory of ordained pastors.

Minister Portal

Log in to update your Yearbook info, minister profile, and more.

Credentialing and Call

Becoming a Pastor

The Candidacy Committee helps credential pastors in the CRC.


Every new CRC pastor is connected with a mentor.


Helping bring churches and pastors together.


Support for the 150+ chaplains in the CRC.



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