With a new look to their logo and a building project on the way, changes are happening at Redeemer University in Ancaster, Ont.

It has been a year of changes for many organizations and institutions; for Redeemer University, many of its changes have been in the works for years, and they are signs of growth and progress.

Earlier this year, Redeemer was granted ministerial consent for a name change from Redeemer University College to Redeemer University. The timing worked well, as the school’s new logo signaled the final step of a four-phase marketing plan begun in 2015.

The new logo keeps elements of the old one, featuring a cross, a shield, and the school’s red and gold colors, but the design is simpler and more instantly recognizable in a fast-paced digital world, says a recent article in Resound, Redeemer’s magazine for alumni and supporters.

The article continues, “Modern logos are intended to identify organizations rather than explain them. They are the hub of a visual identity system and are typically seen quickly, with few taking the time to analyze the finer details.” However, the team working on the rebranding wanted to ensure that the logo would be meaningful and symbolic.

Stylized letters “R” and “U” point to Redeemer’s name and university status, and together they form a shifted outline of a shield bearing a cross in its center. According to the article, this design points to an underlying story that as the world changes rapidly and things shift and move around, “Jesus’ lordship over all of creation and every area of study at the university stands resolute and unchanging at the heart of it all.”

The new brand is the result of years of research, surveys, and connections with alumni and supporters; a team of Redeemer faculty, staff, and students; and marketing and design companies in Oakville, Ont., and Waterdown, Ont.

Another change coming to Redeemer is a building project slated for completion by fall 2021 that will bring housing for 170 students as well as additional learning space to the campus.

Lower tuition in recent years has brought increased enrollment to the university. The new building will include space for 170 beds in two-, four-, six-, and eight-student units. Like other student housing on campus, each unit will include a kitchen and common space. On the lower level, the building will incorporate classrooms and breakout rooms.

University campus staff hope the new building’s location near the academic building and existing student residence halls will help to maintain a campus that’s easy to navigate on foot or by bicycle.

The building project is made possible by $14 million in committed donations. Redeemer hopes to break ground Oct. 1, 2020, in a small ceremony that will be livestreamed for the wider Redeemer community.

For additional news and updates about ongoing changes at Redeemer, see the university’s Resound page.