Monday, August 16, 2021 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm
WANT TO LEARN THE CRAFT OF LEADERSHIP? Join this ICS workshop on leadership fundamentals that will set you up for a lifetime of practice: Lead From Where You Are: Making a Difference in the Face of Tough Problems, Big Questions, and Organizational Politics with Gideon Strauss (Aug 16-20, 1-4:30pm EDT). For 5 days, you will collaboratively learn how to diagnose and address both the everyday and the toughest problems experienced by organizations, communities, institutions, and societies. The goal is to see leadership as the craft of mobilizing people to act together in response to shared challenges--and furthermore, as an art and a practice to which everyone is called sometime or other, in a wide array of different situations. If you are a continuing learner or want to see what ICS courses are like, first-time auditors can join this course for only $425 (registration included). To find out more about this course, visit our website at or email Eizabet Aras at with questions or to register by August 12.